CAS Roundup Flashmeeting #3

21 Jun

The CAS Roundup Podcast – Flashmeeting #3

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Recorded on Monday 18th Jone, 2012, the third CAS Roundup Flashmeeting was all about the annual CAS Conference, held in Birmingham on the previous Thursday and Friday. We discussed some of the different sessions that were attended, what was good about the conference and what we have done as a result.

Links from the meeting will follow int he next couple of days..

The next meeting is already scheduled for Thursday, 12th July where we should be discussing more ideas for how CAS can support teachers and schools as well as what people intend to do over the summer. Do add questions and suggestions to the agenda, and do come along!

The music in this podcast is courtesy of Jonathan Coulton and is released under a Creative Commons license.

One Response to “CAS Roundup Flashmeeting #3”

  1. Neil Brown June 24, 2012 at 12:01 pm #

    Here’s an index for the podcast, for dipping in and out:

    0:30 Discussion begins on the CAS Birmingham conference
    3:15 Alan O’Donohoe and Neil Brown enthuse about the keynote
    6:30 Neil Brown describes Quintin Cutts’ session at the conference
    8:30 Mark Clarkson talks about Joao Ferriera’s Algorithmic Problem Solving
    11:45 Neil Brown and Mark Clarkson discuess the flipped classroom model
    17:30 Mark Clarkson describes Chris Martin’s Arduino session
    25:45 Mark Clarkson and Neil Brown discuss teaching one vs teaching many programming languages
    30:30 Neil Brown talks about Young Rewired State, and how to make it seem approachable for all students
    35:20 Ian talks about Processing for Arduinos for teaching
    41:15 Alan O’Donohoe enthuses about wikibooks and the value of small sessions at conferences
    43:30 Neil Brown discusses social software for learning: Piazza and Stack Overflow
    47:15 Alan O’Donohoe and Simon Humphreys talk about the irritation of the CAS conference no-shows
    50:15 Neil Brown mentions a side point about improving the TES forums
    52:00 Mark Clarkson and Alan O’Donohoe talks about the Pico boards for Scratch and physical computing
    59:30 Mark Clarkson describes lazy (in a good way) teaching
    65:15 Lucy Bunce talks about Susan Robson’s CAS conference session on computing theory
    66:30 Frank Callow talks about being inspired by Alan O’Donohoe into running a Hack to the Future event and maybe starting up a CAS hub

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